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A native Oregonian, I graduated with a B.S. in graphic design from
Portland State University in 1981. I have been working in graphic design
ever since, mostly in the high-tech industry in the Portland area.

After 11 years as a contractor and then
full-time employee at Sequent Computers,
I opened my own graphics and web
design business. Since then I've been
freelancing for large corporations,
small companies, and non-profit organizations.

Where do I fit?

Short term projects for corporations who do not have in-house
graphic support.

• brochures
• packaging art
• online and hard copy documentation
• online training products
• application icons

Small companies or non-profits

• website design
• brochures
• print ads
• identity package

As a resource for a marketing or design firm.


I'm married with no kids and live with my husband Roger, and cat, Negrita, in our renovated farmhouse in North Plains, OR., 20 miles west of Portland. In 1999 we purchased property in the Verde Valley of Arizona and would like to build our new home there soon. But for now a 1975 Argosy trailer and our studio there serves as the home away from home. I'd be very interested in developing some new clients in Arizona, or clients who don't mind working remotely.

In my spare time I create fine art pottery, (please see my pottery web site) and my work has been featured at the Sedona Arts Center. I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, and have recently been making many backpack trips in the Grand Canyon. Other interests include photography, organic gardening, and playing music with my husband.