The Guesthouse Upstairs

Here are some Flash slideshows I have made of our progress so far. I have to add a few before these. Pouring the foundations and work on the garage.

Guesthouse AdobesGuesthouse
  Guesthouse AdobesGuesthouse
Polysteel Pour
Guesthouse AdobesGuesthouse
  Guesthouse AdobesGuesthouse 2nd
Main House 1st FloorMain House
1st Floor
  Main House 1st FloorMain House
1st Floor con't.
Main House 1st FloorKiva Vigas   Main House 1st FloorFireplace/Nicho
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January 23, 2008

May 18, 2008

Okay, so I've been very remiss in updating the site. I've had so much client work that I haven't had time. Plus neighborhood committees that I work on, etc. I wish I actually had a little more time to work on more of the house stuff.

So since January we have had a few personnel changes again. Leland went back to Zuni Pueblo. Then Bobby and Pepe worked alone for quite some time. We thought we were getting another full-time worker, but he could only work on Friday, his day off, for the first month. Then he thought he would be out of work and could come on full-time. But it turns out his employer got a number of new jobs so we he can only come on Fridays. But then Delbert was able to join us again, so I'm hoping the pace will really pick up. Although Pepe and Bobby got a lot done alone, there are some jobs that are just better done with more people. So we will have three people full-time and a fourth person on Friday.

We currently have just about all the adobe work done. We will probably pour concrete this coming Tuesday. And then we will have the last of the front wall to make in Polysteel and adobe. The 2nd floor on the main house will only be polysteel so that will probably speed things up a lot.

We have finished some exciting projects though. The vigas, adobes and fireplace are now in place in the round kiva room. After this concrete pour, we can put in the ceiling and roof of the kiva, which also includes the powder room which shares the kiva roof. We're really excited about this room. We always knew it would be the centerpiece of the house, but its turning out to be a more wonderful space than we could have imagined.

We also have created a really cool little nicho in the hall way.

All the remaining windows and door frames are made up, so we'll be ready to "rock and roll" on the rest of the walls.

NinaWe have also had a wonderful Winter and Spring. On February 11th our neighbors mare gave birth to a foal early in the morning. They call her "Nina" which means little girl in Hawaiian. She is turning out to be a beautiful horse with very unusual markings and full of piss and vinegar.

We had lots of Winter rain so the wildflower bloom has been spectacular. We also have had two significant rains this month, which is very unusual for May. So even more flowers came up in the National Forest land adjacent to our place. Some of these flowers I've never even seen before.

Loco WeedI'm hoping that we will have roofs on all the buildings before the monsoon rains begin in July. I will try to be better about getting pictures up quicker in the future. But for now there are three new slideshows. Main House 1st Floor con't., Kiva Vigas and Fireplace/Nicho. Check them out!



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