Roger at swimming hole

Here is the swimming hole below our house.

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Welcome to Arkysanto

So what the heck is Arkysanto?

As many of you know Roger and I bought property in the Verde Valley of Arizona way back in 1999. The property is located in an area known as Lower McGuireville. At that time, not the most desirable address in the Verde Valley. Most people associated the area with trailer camps, junk cars, bad dirt roads, etc. When we bought the property Roger talked about having a ceramic studio where we could host workshops, teach, etc., "sort of like Arcosanti". I laughed... "more like Arkiesanto." A reference to the progenitors of trailer trash, the Okies and Arkies of the Dust Bowl era. Roger made a little sign that said "Arkysanto". I told him he spelled it wrong, but he insisted on the spelling making even more obscure an obscure reference to begin with. But it stuck, so that is what we call our place. We'll probably get sued by Arcosanti! Well, too bad if they can't take a joke.

Unfortunately, what we thought would remain a quiet country area, (due to its reputation and the bad dirt road in) has now become the "hot new area" for real estate in the Verde Valley. Hmmm... Didn't we just go through this whole scenario back in North Plains? Great if you're a real estate speculator. Not so great if you just want a quiet place in the country to live. But we have two acres to insulate us a bit and its still relatively country. And we adjoin a Forest Service parcel on one side. We look forward to completing our new home here.

Around the April timeframe we hired a builder, Pepé Rochon to help us complete the project. Pepé specializes in owner/built adobe homes. Although ours is a hybrid polysteel/adobe he was intrigued enough to sign on. Later he was able to bring aboard a young Indian man, Delbert Haloo who had worked for him before, and just recently Delbert's Uncle Leland has also joined the crew.

I'm not much for writing, I'd rather take pictures. People kept asking us to send pictures of our progress. So instead of sending pictures via email, I thought it would be better just to chronicle the building on my web site. So I put up one slideshow, and now that I'm building some more I thought I better create a landing page where people could just go and click on the slideshows they want to see.

After seeing my first slideshow Pepé remembered he had bought a Camcorder a couple jobs back to record his work. So now I am taking pictures with both the still digital camera and the camcorder. I will put up some short videos soon too. They take a little more work to edit, etc.

So hope you enjoy the slideshows. Maybe this site will grow a bit more if Roger feels like writing up some info, thoughts, etc. Right now we're pretty busy just building this house.


Roger Korn and Kayo Parsons-Korn