Roger at swimming hole

Here is the swimming hole below our house.

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Welcome to Arkysanto

January 23, 2008

I've updated the slideshows with work on the first floor of the main house. I decided that maybe you were getting tired of the intro and wanted some additional news. So I will update this text occassionally and provide links to the old archived text in the green box above.

So now I have to do some catch up. One of our workers Delbert is no longer with us, but we have replaced him with Bobby who has worked out wonderfully. We really don't even want to introduce another person as Pepe, Leland and Bobby work together so well. An additional person will just make more management issues for Pepe and I know he would rather be doing. And issues come up as we go along and sometimes we have to work around those, so I would hate to have another person on full-time if we have to put them on "make work" tasks sometimes.

Its really cold right now. Below freezing every night and its still freezing when the guys get here in the morning. It has been warming up into the 50's during the day. And of course I get to cook outside so that's not terribly comfortable either. We have also had a couple of big floods go through this winter. We can still get out so that is not a problem. But neighbors who live further down the road across Wet Beaver Creek can not cross that creek. I'm so glad we bought on this side of the creek. But it is still easier to cross Dry Beaver Creek (that's the one ahead of us) instead of going over the hill and the garbage collectors were complaining too. So we chipped in and one of our neighbors with heavy equipment made repairs to the creek crossing ahead of us.

I keep plugging away at my job as a web designer. I have an office in our pole barn that is insulated and has a little electric heater. So that is comfortable, but a bit expensive.

We also have our trusty cat, Mouse, and a dog named Pancho and they join us in bed every night so we are keeping warm.

I got a new camera for Christmas, so hopefully the pictures will be better as my old camera was having problems. The new camera is a Canon Powershot and is very small, so it should be great for hiking and backpacking. I can't believe the capability of this little camera compared to my larger older one. Plus the costs on digital cameras has really come down.

Hopefully we will have a few more shots of the first story before we make the first concrete pour. But check out the "Main House 1st Floor" link on the left.


Roger Korn and Kayo Parsons-Korn