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Much of my work is done in conjunction with Rareheron Web Design, a consortium of web design professionals. To view additional web sites, please see Rareheron Web Design. Clients I have worked for with Rareheron include:


Adelsheim Vineyard
Chehalem Winery
Elk Cove Winery
Bergström Winery
Oregon Pinot Camp
Mercier Fine Art

Oregon Health Science Univ. Foundation
Alliance for Lung Cancer Support,
   Advocacy and Support
Mary Devlin Associates
Sierra Wilderness Seminars
Stilwell Baker, Inc.
Siqual, Inc.

My own current clients include:

Ace Communication, Inc.
Rosetta Sculpture
The Beaverton Education Foundation
Ty Lawrence Gemcrystals
Parsons Excavating
Laughing Gargoyle Alpacas
Murto Vineyards

Past clients include:

Sequent Computer Systems/IBM
d.l. cohen information systems
eSoftware Professionals